Au pair Support Netherlands is a start-up organization established in 2014 with the aim to support young people participating in au pair program in the Netherlands. To begin with, an au pair is a young woman or man from a foreign country coming to the other country for a unique design of cultural exchange program.  She/he will be given the opportunity to explore the new culture and the language; and to live with a host family. In exchange for these benefits and opportunities, the au pair is expected to carry out specified amounts of childcare and light household chores.

The main purpose of  Au pair Support is to promote fair work and economic justice situation for au pairs’ rights. We want to give full support to young people who are au pairing in the Netherlands; to ensure that they are treated well and fairly as they are supposed to. In reality, au pairs are vulnerable to economic exploitation or human trafficking as a new form of modern-day slavery. As an organization, we want to prevent this to be happening by giving detailed information about the program and the au pairs’ rights; and provide assistance for au pairs and the host family. We also want to spread information about the au pair scheme to the public in order to increase the public awareness; we believe a better understanding of the program would help us in preventing the exploitation to the au pair.

Our goal is to facilitate a successful and best experience for both au pair and host family in the Netherlands by providing support, assistance, and monitoring to the au pairs and host families, resolving any concerns or issues that may arise during the program  We want to reposition and improve the au pair schemes and make a positive change for both au pair and host family. Au pair scheme is deemed as a cultural exchange program that gives a lot of benefits for young people and the host families and this would be the philosophy of our organization.

Our clients are mainly international young people who are participating in the au pair program and the hosting families in the Netherlands as well as Dutch young people who are au pairing in other countries or in the Netherlands. With our organization, we also want to create a platform for future, current, and the alumni au pair to interact and develop network; we connect the international au pair in the Netherlands as well as young Dutch au pairing in other countries. By doing so, we can share the positive knowledge that is beneficial for the young generations who join the au pair scheme. We believe that there is a bright future after program waiting ahead and we want to participate in creating the best youth for a better future.

When the young people participate in au pair programme, they access the non-formal learning opportunities which will be beneficial for their future. With the unique combination of ‘working’ and cultural exchange, the au pair program has a positive impact on young people’s personal development, soft-skills, childcare knowledge and experience, as well as their participation in society. We want to empower au pairs to improve their lives and skills as young people are the foundation for the world’s future.