Why Au pair Support?

The founder and management of our organization are au pair alumni in the Netherlands or abroad, and we know by heart the chronicle life of an au pair. Some of us were also previously trapped in the unpleasant au pair situation, and we truly know how it feels about being alone in the trouble and desperate for help. We knew some traumatized au pairs after the unpleasant situation occurred to them (some of our management had experienced the trauma). We are strong persons, so we could handle the experiences. Yet we believe that young people participating in au pair program deserve the best au pair situation and condition. Therefore, we established Au pair Support; to try our best to support and protect au pairs especially in the Netherlands.Because we believe that our au pair experience gave splendid learning lessons of life, included given us an opportunity to be a better person for the future.

At the moment in the Netherlands there are about 35 active commercial au pair agencies, in which 24 of them are recognized sponsors of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND); but there is none organization who seriously specialises to support the au pair. This is also one of the reasons that we want to fill the gap.

In its report “Abused Domestic Workers in Europe: the case of au pairs”, Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality of the European Parliament recommended that one of the ways to improve protection of the au pair in the EU could be by establishing general institutions of counselling, support and monitoring of the situations of au pairs. It is also recommended to support NGO activities to improve the situation of the au pairs and contribute to responding to abuse. So hopefully our initiative will provide a positive contribution to the au pair scheme in the Netherlands.