Position of Au pair Support for Society

Au pair Support is a civil society organization active in the field of youth, which aims to:

  • Promote intercultural learning to global young people; to stimulate them to respect the diversity, value solidarity, have equal opportunities, and understand human rights through au pair program.
  • Promote the employability of young people (youth work) through an au pair program that foster their development of competencies and skills through university of life (non-formal education).
  • Empower young people in the society to improve their personal, socio-educational, and professional development.
  • Advocate a better au pair scheme, especially in the Netherlands, Europe, and worldwide.
  • Contribute to the development of youth work as promoted by the European Union Youth Strategy and the United Nations.
  • Contribute to the debate on development of policy issues affecting young people involved in au pair program at national, European, and international levels.