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So you are an au pair in the Netherlands. And you think that you have plenty of time to spend, and you do not know what to do. We have an idea! How about if you contribute voluntary for Au pair Support? We have various volunteer positions where you can contribute for the better au pair scheme in the Netherlands.

You are no longer au pair; or you are not an au pair but you are interested to support the work of Au pair Support? No worries because Au pair Support is for sure interested with you! Please still do sign up as our volunteer! We would be super happy to get your support for our work.

Volunteers Position

Translator (Code: AS-T-2015-001). If you are an au pair in the Netherlands, speak any kind of native language fluently, have a good command of English, and interested to invest some of your free time to contribute for the better au pair program in the Netherlands. Then, why not joining Au pair Support as a volunteer? Your main tasks is to translate documents in English to your native language.

Interviewer/Transcriber (Code: AS-I-2015-002). Do you speak fluent native language and have a good understanding of English? Are you interested to meet other au pairs fellow in the whole Netherlands? And are you enjoying a fine conversation? You can be an interviewer for us, to conduct online or physical interview with fellow au pairs in the Netherlands. We provide you with the guidelines. After you conduct the interview, then you’ll make the copy of the typewritten.

(WordPress) Web Developer (Code: AS-WD-2015-003). We are seeking talented pro bono web developer to build out our web. Has experience creating front-end (WordPress) websites, has experience with common design tools, is flexible, and willing to contribute for our organization.

Web Content Manager (Code: AS-WCM-2015-004). Are you interested to assist us in gathering, organizing, creating copy, and write for our website and blog? The Content Manager also advises us on creative elements and to create an effective web content. This opportunity is suitable for someone who is focusing on writing, mass communication, and/or journalism. Main language: English and/or Dutch.

Writer contributor (Code-AS-WC-2015-005). Do you have passion in writing? Do you want to share your au pair experience in Netherlands? Or are you interested to write about other au pairs experience, big events happened in the Netherlands, etc? Then join us as a writer contributor for our website.

What do we offer? As a volunteer, we can not give you any material compensation, as it is an unpaid position. But we offer you a positive and full of learning opportunitiees positive so you can have an outstanding experience for your own personal development. And for sure it would be awesome to put on your Curriculum Vitae; that hopefully will be beneficial for your future career. By working voluntary for Au pair Support, you can also spend your free time by giving a positive contribution for the au pair scheme in the Netherlands. We give you our tons of thanks and gratitude for your support to Au pair Support. And we will put your name on our Wall of Fame!

What do we expect from you? We do simply ask your commitment and sincere contribution to help Au pair Steun grow with your positive efforts and ideas. It is important that you have your own computer, laptop, or netbook that you can use. For an interviewer, we can provide you with the recorder that you can use.

What’s next? So are you interested to join a start-up and developing organization for the better and fairness continuity of au pair scheme in the Netherlands and the global world? Then please send your introduction of interest, indication about your field of interest, and a simple resume/CV (for us to get to know you better) to



  1. I used to be an au pair in the Netherlands, but now I am back to my country. Can I still volunteer for Au pair Support? Yes you can.
  2. I was an au pair in the Netherlands, and now I am au pairing in another country in the part. How if I want to be volunteer for Au pair Support? You can contribute to us by online volunteering. As long as you have internet connection, we can still have a contact.
  3. I am not an au pair, but I am interested to be a volunteer for Au pair Support. Is it possible? Sure do! Please do contribute to our work.
  4. So what should I do to be a volunteer for Au pair Support? Simply just send a message to us and let us know about your interest, why you want to participate, and a bit of your resume or Curriculum Vitae so we can know about you better. Send it to an email address:
  5. So how do I do my commitment? We do it mostly online. So we will just send everything or exchange information through emails. At the moment we don’t have any permanent office yet. So if you live in the Netherlands, we will come to you to meet up and explain things. We make an appointment somewhere easy for you, depending on your availability and schedule.
  6. I don’t have my computer or laptop, what can I do? It is a bit tricky as we can’t provide you with the equipment. If you are an interviewer, that would be okay as we will arrange the transcription tasks. But for other tasks, it would be difficult.
  7. How much money would I earn if I do volunteer for Au pair Support? It is zero. All volunteers that work for Au pair Support serve without receiving any monetary compensation or other financial benefits for their services. But we do thank you zillion times for your efforts and commitment to our organization.
  8. What would I get then by volunteering for Au pair Support ? You will get a positive, wonderful, and meaningful learning experience that will be awesome on your life and CV for the future. Not to forget that you are participated and contributed in a better continuity of au pair scheme in the Netherlands and global world.

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